Introducing Nautilus--a revolutionary waterproof case
for the Apple iPhone.

T he verdict is in--we nailed it. More than a year ago, our engineers set out to create a new kind of waterproof case for the Apple iPhone. The design goals--seemingly contradictory. For starters, we wanted to eliminate the bulky appearance so commonly associated with waterproof cases. Ours would be so sleek and svelte that you would never find it necessary to remove the phone from the safety of the protective enclosure. But that was just the beginning... We challenged ourselves to design a waterproof case for the iPhone that wouldn't interfere with responsiveness of the touch screen interface. That meant getting rid of the plastic screen cover that plagues so many of our rivals' products. We designed a way to keep the screen free of the hassle of protective covers, while still preventing water from entering the phone. Our patent-pending "open-faced" design offers an unparalleled level of responsiveness and feel. What emerged is arguably the most sophisticated waterproof case ever made for a smart phone. Our customers are loving it.

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Nautilus Elite--Beautifully Precise

For our most demanding customers, we created Nautilus Elite. This stunning metal case is crafted with the precision of a fine luxury watch.

It all begins with a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, milled with absolute precision using state-of-the-art technologies. The flat surface areas are blasted with tiny glass beads to produce a silky matte finish, and the beveled edges are polished to a brightly-lustered shine. A few final surface treatments render it in all its lustrous nickel-plated glory.

Whether its the distinctive grilled openings on the sides and bottom, to the sharply beveled edges that surround the LCD interface, Nautilus gives you a brilliantly distinctive look that is sure to get you noticed.

Other waterproof products try to look rugged and sporty. Taking them to work is a lot like showing up to a dinner party in sweatpants. Nautilus Elite provides waterproof protection with the class and style you crave.


Of course, Nautilus Elite delivers on performance too. All Nautilus cases offer waterproof protection rated to a protection level of IP68. IP (short for international protection) rating of 68 means that Nautilus case can withstand prolonged underwater submersion to a depth in excess of 1 meter (3 feet). Nautilus has been shown to perform quite well at depths of 3 meters.

The earpiece, speakers, and microphone introduce no noticable attenuation in sound quality. You can even use the speakerphone unimpeded which is unusual, considering waterproof cases sometimes produce an 'echo' effect.

The camera lenses on the front and back of the Nautilus case function perfectly as well. Specially-designed lens assemblies prevent 'flash-back'--a phenomenon that can occur in anything less than a premium quality iPhone case.

Nautilus Sport--Uncompromising Performance

Nautilus Sport offers the value-conscious consumer an even better mix of performance and functionality. Unlike the Nautilus Elite, which is constructed of aluminum, Nautilus Sport is made from a space-aged polymer resin. This material selection offers these advantages:
  • More affordable: Nautilus Sport offers same overall design as its Elite sibling at a cost that is nearly half the price.
  • Better signal quality: All metal cases--even the Nautilus Elite, can have an adverse effect on signal quality. If you live in an area where cellular reception is not an issue, you may not notice the signal attentuation. But customers who frequently visit areas where cellular reception is an issue, the Sport version offers you all of the waterproof protection of a Nautilus case without any adverse effect on signal quality.

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